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Founded 1937

Riddlesdown Collegiate (School)

Further information about the Collegiate can be obtained from the Collegiate’s website - Link

Chief Executive - The Collegiate Trust; Mr Gordon Smith

Principal of Riddlesdown Collegiate; Mr Soumick Dey

Riddlesdown Collegiate Term Dates

Information below, taken from Riddlesdown Collegiate website (30/1/17). Term dates

Start of Autumn Term - Monday 4 September 2017

Half Term - Monday 23 October to Friday 3 November 2017

End of Autumn Term - Wednesday 20 December 2017

Start of Spring Term - Wednesday 3 January 2018

Half Term - Monday 12 February 2018 to Friday 16 February 2018 (inclusive)

End of Spring Term - Thursday 29 March 2018

Start of Summer Term - Monday 16 April 2018

May Day Bank Holiday - Monday 7 May 2018

Half Term - Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June 2018 (inclusive)

End of Summer Term - Friday 20 July 2018

Start of Autumn Term - Monday 3 September 2018

School Times and Facilities

Normal school day timings 8.45am start – 3.25pm finish. (changing from Sept 2017 - see below).

However, there are various breakfast and after school clubs (and some weekend activities), meaning that some schoolchildren pass through Riddlesdown earlier and later than these times – these are listed (with times and weekdays) on the Collegiate website.

The 6th Form pupils also pass through Riddlesdown at different times, depending on when they have lessons and breaks during the day. There are also some ‘holiday clubs’ running in the school holidays. These are listed on the Collegiate website.

A volunteer Required by the Science Department - New 17/11/16

The RRA have been approached by a member of staff at Riddlesdown Collegiate, who works in the Science Department.

We quote the e-mail;

"Our department currently has a garden which is being underutilised and we are reaching out to the local community to see if we could find a person who may be interested in helping run our Garden club one lunch hour per week. ..... we would love to be able to offer this club to our pupils on a regular basis.

We currently have one session filled in on a Monday lunch. We would appreciate any other day of the week. We have a great space and I am more than happy to show potential volunteers what we currently have insitu and what we would like to produce. We used to enter the Woodcote competitions a few years back.

At the moment it needs to be dug over and weeded ready for the spring time. We also now have a science pond and could really do with some expert help and assistance pulling that into shape so that children can go up there for science lessons, but that is purely a more ad hoc volunteer job than a regular club each week with the pupils themselves doing the work."

If anyone is interested in volunteering for this project, then please e-mail us and we will put you in touch with the Collegiate staff member.

New Primary School for Croydon - Updated 12/4/17

The Collegiate Trust have issued a press release regarding a new primary free school. The Collegiate’s application to the Department for Education was successful but a new school will not be built on the Riddlesdown site.

“The Department for Education (DFE) today (12/4/17) announced that the Collegiate Free Primary School has been approved to open in Croydon. This new primary school, to be established and run by The Collegiate Trust, will be developed over the coming years and will take in 60 children per year; we will announce an opening date as soon as we are able to do so.

The site of the school is yet to be finalised. The Trust originally intended to collocate the new school on site with Riddlesdown Collegiate, an area with need for further primary places. However, we have now agreed with the DFE to develop the school in an area of greater need for additional primary provision.”

This is the full press release

Update 10/9/16

For those of you who have children at Riddlesdown Collegiate, you may have picked up the following on this week's newsletter from the Collegiate;

“I am delighted to announce that one of the developments we are currently considering is a new, 2 - form entry primary school which could be located on or very close to the Riddlesdown Collegiate site. Croydon Council needs 60 additional places for Reception and beyond, beginning in September 2018, and The Collegiate Trust is the perfect partner to achieve this. Of course we need to consult with you on this and further information will be available on our Trust website www.tct-academies.org by Wednesday 14th September when you will have the opportunity to tell us what you think.”


Update 12/6/16

This page covers news and information from the Riddlesdown Collegiate. Many residents will have previously known the School, by the name of Riddlesdown High School. The School changed it’s name in September 2009. The Collegiate is now broken down into four Colleges of about 400 pupils each, plus a Creative and Performing Arts College and a 6th Form College.

This Collegiate is now the largest School within the London Borough of Croydon, with nearly 2,000 pupils attending it and about 200 staff. Our Chairman Brian Longman, is the RRA Riddlesdown Collegiate Liaison Officer. Brian has a lot of contact with the Chief Executive of the Collegiate Trust; Gordon Smith and the Collegiate Principal Soumick Dey and he liaises on a regular basis with them.  

If any local resident(s) have concerns about the behaviour of children entering and leaving the Collegiate, litter, or large events that the School hold, etc, then please feel free to contact Brian. via our e-mail address Riddlesdownresidents@gmail.com or look on the inside page of The Recorder magazine.

Collegiate Report (from The Riddlesdown Recorder- Spring 2017)

Soumick Dey – Principal

Since I last made a contribution to the Riddlesdown Recorder, there has been much activity and cause for celebration at Riddlesdown Collegiate. Readers will recall that last summer term, the Collegiate was delighted to welcome an OFSTED inspection which judged our school to be outstanding. This outcome made for a superb start to what I called our “Celebration Season” throughout the second part of the summer term. During this time, each of our Colleges held a special Showcase Evening to celebrate the efforts, achievements and talents of our students. In addition, the Creative and Performing Arts College (CPA) hosted a Lecture Evening, where a number of professionals from creative and performance backgrounds and careers inspired a packed audience in The @RC Theatre, as well the Arts A wards Evening, Summer Concert and Sports Awards Evening, each of which also recognised our students’ talents in these important areas of the curriculum. In all, over 800 students received an award during “Celebration Season ” which culminated on the last day of term when I awarded my Principal’s Commendation to the top achieving boy and girl in each Year Group in each College.

Just over a month later, there was more high achievement as the Collegiate celebrated its best ever A Level results, whilst almost a quarter of grades at GCSE were A*/A. This led to a very special Collegiate Celebration Evening in September where we were able to congratulate our top achievers – including Benjamin Swain A*A*AA going to Kings College London to study Medicine, Sophie Gibson A*AA going to Bath to study Pharmacy and Liam McRedmond AAA going to Exeter to study Law – in fact, the vast majority of students were heading off to great universities, with some opting to take a gap year and travel and/or work before embarking on the next stage of their Education. During the same week, we welcomed over 2000 visitors to the Collegiate as families came to one of our Open Mornings or Open Evening to consider whether they felt that the Collegiate might be the best place for their child to learn and grow over the next seven years. As always, it was great to welcome so many people and we continue to appreciate the support the Collegiate receives from the community. Riddlesdown Collegiate remains a very popular, over- subscribed school and we are currently consulting on some changes to our admissions criteria for entry in September 2018 – all views would be welcome, please see our website for further details.

Over the course of the autumn term, students have enjoyed many opportunities to extend their learning outside of the Collegiate, including international trips to Greece and Switzerland over half term. Over 200 students were involved in our Christmas Concert last month and rehearsals are ongoing for our Collegiate production of the musical, West Side Story, which will be performed during the w/c 6th February 2017 – tickets will be on sale shortly, all are welcome to come and be entertained by our talented students!

Collegiate Report (from The Riddlesdown Recorder- Winter 2016)

The academic year is well underway here at the Collegiate and whilst it has featured the usual outstanding work from students and staff, there have been significant changes in the leadership of the school. Riddlesdown Collegiate is part of The Collegiate Trust, and the Trust is now developing links with other schools and academies which will see other schools joining our Trust. Mr Smith, who has been Principal at Riddlesdown Collegiate since 2006, has now assumed the role of Chief Executive of the Trust; in this role he oversees the work of the new Principal, Mr Dey, who has held a number of posts within the school over almost 10 years. This partnership has delivered great success for our students over the years, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Readers will know that here at Riddlesdown we focus on two key features of education; the very best academic results possible, allied with the development of skills and qualities through the whole range of activities we offer here. We began this year once again with exceptionally strong GCSE results which now make us one of the top 3 performing schools not just in Croydon but in the wider area. Our focus is on developing these standards further and making sure that every one of our students has the benefit of an exceptional education.

Proposed change of times for the Collegiate day

Update 7/7/17

As the RRA had not heard anything further from Riddlesdown Collegiate about the consultation (in May) on the proposed times changes for the school day, we sent a reminder to them on 7/7/17.

We have received the following prompt response from Soumick Dey, the Principal:

"..... This week, a follow-up letter was prepared for our neighbours – perhaps this has prompted the enquiries from residents.

In terms of the Collegiate day, the key features are that from September 2017: (the school times will be)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8.30am – 2.40pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 8.30am – 3.30pm

The vast majority of our students are on site before 8.30am already so formalising this start time should not make a significant difference to travel arrangements or road conditions. Meanwhile, TfL has indicated that their planning team will reflect these changes when reconsidering schedules for the autumn.

I hope that these changes will not cause inconvenience to our neighbours but wanted to make sure that you were informed – apologies again that you had not received this information sooner."

The times are slightly different to those they first suggested. It obviously remains to be seen if Tfl come up with the bus timetable changes in September, especially for the 612 (school service)!

We are also aware from the school's weekly newsletter (23/6/17) that they won't be allowing pupils into the school grounds before 8am from 10 July. So this could condense the traffic/pupil movement into a 30-40 minute period from September!

Weekly Newsletter to parents (23/6/17) on the Collegiate website:

“Parents will recall that during the recent consultation about proposed changes to the Collegiate Day from September 2017 (which have since been approved), I shared one of my concerns about some students arriving very early at school (sometimes as early as 7.00am) and consequently being unsupervised for a long time before the school day starts. It was for this reason that the suggestion of starting at 8.30am was sensible - in reality, the vast majority of students are already on site by this time. However, I remain concerned about some students arriving much earlier. Therefore, from 10th July 2017, the Collegiate site will not be open for students to access until 8.00am. This is when the breakfast service begins in The Diner and is also when the Library opens. The playgrounds are formally supervised 15 minutes before the start of the school day. I am grateful for your understanding and support with this issue - it is ultimately to promote students' safety and a positive start to the day.”

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