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To confirm the status of a “SUBMITTED” application, click on the application number below. This will take you to Croydon Council’s website. Any written representations on a planning application, either in favour, commenting or objecting, can be made on line, by clicking on the “comments” tab on the Council’s website. Or you can e-mail development.management@croydon.gov.uk or write to; Development Management, Place Department, London Borough of Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA within 21 days of the application being validated. However, the Council will sometimes still accept written comments up to the date that a decision is made, which is usually around 8 weeks after being registered.

Applications when granted, are only valid for 3 years from the date of the decision.

CROYDON COUNCIL’S DECISION CALLED IN BY SECRETARY OF STATE 12/4/17 - PUBLIC INQUIRY TOOK PLACE FROM 9 JANUARY 2018 GRANTED Purley Baptist Church and Hall, Banstead Road, 1-4 Russell Hill Parade, Russell Hill Road and, 2-12 Brighton Rd, & 1-9 Banstead Rd16/02994/P & 17/00047/SOS (ignore this last application number as the Council are not updating it!- 13 Jun 2016 - Demolition of existing buildings on two sites; erection of 3/17 storey building comprising 114 flats community and church space and a retail unit on Island Site and a 3/8 storey building comprising 106 flats on south site.


Purley Tower – Public Inquiry 2018

Updated 16/9/18

The seven RAs have been advised by the Secretary of State that the 'Call In' decision for the Purley tower development has again been deferred (was due on 6 August and then 13 September).

No new date has been issued to all interested parties.

Updated 28/8/18

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government - James Brokenshire’s decision into the ‘Call In’, after the Public Inquiry for the Purley Tower has been delayed, because on 24 July the Government published a new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2018 which should be taken into account from the date of publication for all planning applications. This version replaces the NPPF 2012.

The Planning Inspector's report and recommendation is with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Secretary of State has given all three parties until 13 August to comment further, as to whether they think the new NPPF includes new information which may be material to the application before him. There is then a further 7 day consultation period after the submissions have been sent to the Secretary of State. A further response has been submitted on 17 August by the seven RAs to the Secretary of State’s Office, following the submission of the other two parties comments on the NPPF 2018.

The Secretary of State has given notice that he has varied the timetable for his decision which was previously set for 6 August, and he will now issue his decision on or before 13 September 2018.  

Update 24/3/18

Following the announcement in April 2017, by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government; Sajid Javid (now replaced by James Brokenshire) that he had "Called In" Croydon Council’s decision to grant planning permission for this large development in Purely District Centre (PDC), the Public Inquiry into the decision by Croydon Council’s Planning Committee took place from 9 January 2018. The Inquiry lasted 6 days and completed on 17 January. It was held in the Purley Baptist Church. The ‘Call In’ was requested to the Secretary of State, by our MP; Chris Philp.

The development was opposed by seven local Residents Associations (RAs). These seven Associations were; Riddlesdown, Hartley & District, Sanderstead, East Coulsdon, Coulsdon West, Old Coulsdon and Kenley & District. The RAs applied to the Planning Inspector and Riddlesdown RA was granted ‘Rule 6’ status (as the lead RA) and we presented our case to the Inquiry. Because we had ‘Rule 6’ status we were allowed to cross examine witnesses.

The Planning Inspector leading the Inquiry was David Nicholson. At the Inquiry, the RAs were represented by Charles King (East Coulsdon), Dennis King (Sanderstead), Diane Hearne & Lee Cooper (Hartley) and Phil Thomas (Riddlesdown). The Planning Barrister for the applicant (Thornsett & Purley Baptist Church) was Christopher Katkowski QC, and the barrister acting for Croydon Council was Stephen Morgan.

Although seven RAs objected to the scheme, the Purley & Woodcote RA (PWRA), in whose area the site is located, supported the proposal. However, the feedback the seven RAs received from PWRA members, was that this view is not shared by many of their residents.

The seven RAs are not opposed to new development on these sites, as we understand that growth will be key to the future vitality and viability of suburban District Centres like Purley. We recognise the acute housing needs in the area and wish to see more new homes that are genuinely affordable provided for local people and our group are not anti-development.

At the Inquiry, we put forward the issues which we believed were not considered sufficiently by the Council when granting planning permission. Our main issue with this development is the height of the 17 storey tall building. The RAs believe it will have an unacceptably harmful impact on the PDC and the surrounding townscape by virtue of it being at least 5 times higher than the immediate and surrounding buildings in the district centre. The 17 storey tower will be at least twice as high as the proposed development in Brighton Rd/Banstead Road. We believe the tower will not enhance the skyline, rather it will fragment the townscape through its bulky and dominant appearance. The tall building will sit very closely behind the pavement on the Brighton Rd frontage. The main entrance would be inappropriately located on the corner of Russell Hill Road and the Brighton Road, given the constant heavy and noisy traffic on the A23.

We believe the density at 817 habitable rooms per hectare (hr/ha) is well beyond the density range in the London Plan density matrix which identifies “urban” areas with a Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) score of 4-6 as being appropriate for schemes between 200 - 700 hr/ha. This site has a PTAL rating of 5. The level of affordable housing at 18% (39 units) is low in terms of the total of 220 residential units proposed. In addition, we are not clear as to how the London Mayor’s requirements for affordable housing were considered in respect to this scheme. At the time the decision on this scheme was made by Croydon Council in December 2016, the Mayor had published a draft ‘Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance.’ This draft proposed that new residential development in London should meet a strict minimum of 35% affordable housing.

The sites are on the edge of the Environment Agency’s Flood Risk Zone’s 2 and 3. The proposals have the potential to significantly increase surface run off in an area which already experiences severe flash flooding and drainage issues.  The sites are also within 100 metres of the Caterham Bourne, which is prone to periodic extensive flooding, the last significant occasion being in February 2014. Purley, Kenley and Whyteleafe have all experienced extensive flooding in recent years which has resulted in the A22 (Godstone Rd) being closed to all traffic for several weeks. Purley Cross, on the Brighton Rd frontage, immediately outside the tower site has flooded many times in the past.

For the Island site, the scheme only makes provision for 50 parking spaces for the Church and community use, whereas the planned auditorium will accommodate 500 people. There will be 28 car parking spaces for the 114 residential units (11 of which will be for blue badge holders). For the south side, there will be 9 accessible car parking spaces for 106 residential units.   The 500 seat auditorium is likely to be used on all days of the week, as well as Sunday. When fully utilised this will put considerable pressure on local public carparks which are already at capacity, as well as nearby residential on street parking.

To exit the car park for the island site (church & flats), vehicles will be exiting the site into Russell Hill Rd and will have to turn right into three lanes of traffic already stacking for the traffic lights on Brighton Rd. If site traffic wishes to go along the A22 (southbound) then it will have to cross at least one lane, if not two lanes, in order to be able to proceed straight on at the second and third set of traffic lights. There is very little option for drivers to ensure they get into the correct lane before the traffic lights on Russell Hill Rd. We believe this is not safe and will it increase risks of accidents at this location. Traffic entering into the island site will also access at this location on Russell Hill Rd, to add to the congestion. For better road safety, we believe an entrance/exit should be in Banstead Rd.

The proposed development will be a phased construction and is expected to take at least 47 months (minimum) to complete. The RAs have major concerns about the effect that the development will have on the existing A23/A22 Purley Gyratory System during construction and after construction. Traffic lanes will be closed off during the day. We also believe the recently approved Westfield development in Croydon town centre (which has also been approved by the London Mayor) will also add to traffic congestion on Purley Cross both during construction and more so when it is completed.

These are just some of the issues the seven RAs raised at the Inquiry. The Inspector has said his report will go to the Secretary of State, on or before 8 May. So it is now just a question of waiting for the Secretary of State’s decision and whether he accepts the Inspector’s recommendation. The Secretary of State can overrule his decision if he wants to.

In our opinion, the seven RA’s presented a very valid argument and the legal teams for the applicant and Council did congratulate the RAs for the way we put forward our presentation at the end of the Inquiry, although of course they didn’t agree with our views! It was a long hard slog by a number of members in the seven RAs and we did it without any legal representation! We did our best and we wait the outcome with interest.

SUBMITTED 2-5 Barrowsfield South Croydon (off Limpsfield Rd and opposite ‘Village Pets’ shop and facing onto Sanderstead Rec)- 18/05157/FUL - 01 Nov 2018 - Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 4/5 storey building comprising 33 self-contained flats (5 x one bed, 14 x two bed and 14 x three bed), vehicular access on Limpsfield Road, 26 car parking spaces (including two disabled car parking spaces), integral cycle store for 64 cycles, integral bin storage, hard and soft landscaping, boundary treatment and communal amenity space at roof level. This application is in the Sanderstead RA area.

REFUSED Former Good Companions Public House and 247 - 249 Tithepitshaw Lane, Warlingham - 16/01097/P - 03 Mar 2016 - Demolition of 247 and 249 Tithe Pitshaw Lane; erection of two storey building comprising a Class A1 supermarket together with 4 no two bed room apartments at first floor; formation of vehicular accesses and provision of associated parking, servicing and landscaping.

Update 2/6/16

Lidl's controversial planning application for a store, car park and flats on the former Good Companions Public House site in Tithepitshaw Lane, Warlingham has been refused by Planning Officers without the need to go the Planning Committee.

The full grounds for refusal were:

Reason(s) for refusal :-

1. The development would be out of keeping with the character of the surrounding area and detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene by reason of poor design, prominent siting and scale of the buildings and would not respect the existing pattern of buildings, nor maximise the opportunities for creating an attractive and interesting environment and would thereby conflict with the objectives of the NPPF, Policies 7.1, 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 of the London Plan (2015), Policies UD2, UD3, UD12, UD13, UD14 and H2 of the Croydon Plan (2006) Saved Policies 2013 and Policies SP1.1, SP4.1 and SP4.2 of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies (2013).

2. The development would adversely affect pedestrian and highway safety on the adjoining transport network by reason of the siting of the access and egress points and the associated traffic and would thereby conflict with the objectives of the NPPF, Policy 6.3 of the London Plan, Saved Policies T2, UD12 and UD13 of the Croydon Replacement Plan (2006) Saved Policies 2013 and Policies SP8.6, SP8.17 and SP8.18 of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies (2013).

Suburban Design Guide - Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2)

Updated 26/10/18

Croydon Council recently gave notification of a consultation on two important planning issues in the Borough. All comments had to be submitted to Croydon Council by 15 October 2018. The proposals are to update their suburban design guidance SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) and also designing for community safety SPD.

This SPD will be the 'vehicle' that the Council intend to use to significantly intensify suburban areas and the public have the chance to comment on key issues to the Planners regarding. inappropriate scale of development, on-street car parking, lack of infrastructure provision etc, etc. The Council have publicly stated that they intend to significantly increase densities in suburban areas, like in the south of the Borough.

There is also a Statement of Community Involvement and this is probably slightly less important. It's supposed to set out how the Council will engage with the local community in terms of preparing the local plan, SPD etc.

This is the RRA’s SPD submission to Croydon Council on 11 October.

These are the two Council links for further information;



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