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To confirm the status of a “SUBMITTED” application, click on the application number below. This will take you to Croydon Council’s website. Any written representations on a planning application, either in favour, commenting or objecting, can be made on line, by clicking on the “comments” tab on the Council’s website. Or you can e-mail development.management@croydon.gov.uk or write to; Development Management, Place Department, London Borough of Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA within 21 days of the application being validated. However, the Council will sometimes still accept written comments up to the date that a decision is made, which is usually around 8 weeks after being registered.

Applications when granted, are only valid for 3 years from the date of the decision.

DECISION CALLED IN BY SECRETARY OF STATE 12/4/17 - PUBLIC INQUIRY FROM 9 JANUARY 2018 GRANTED Purley Baptist Church and Hall, Banstead Road, 1-4 Russell Hill Parade, Russell Hill Road and, 2-12 Brighton Rd, & 1-9 Banstead Rd – 17/00047/SOS & 16/02994/P - 13 Jun 2016 - Demolition of existing buildings on two sites; erection of 3/17 storey building comprising 114 flats community and church space and a retail unit on Island Site and a 3/8 storey building comprising 106 flats on south site.

Updated 16/11/17

It has been announced by the Planning Inspector that the Public Inquiry into this ‘Called In’ decision will commence at 10am on Tuesday 9 to 12 January and Tuesday 16 to 19 January 2018 (approx 8 days) at Purley Baptist Church, Banstead Rd, Purley.

Submissions of proof of evidence have to be submitted by 22 November 2017 but this has been extended to 30 November for the seven southern RAs, as there has been no notification by Croydon Council to objectors!

Further information and the method of representations can be made via this Planning Inspector  link  The application No. is APP/L5240/V/17/3174139 ;  site notice.

Update 18/4/17

It has been announced today that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has "called in" the planning decision by Croydon Council and which was also supported by the London Mayor. The planning decision for the controversial 17 storey was granted by Croydon Council’s Planning Committee on 15 December 2016. There will now be a Public Inquiry into the development  in January 2018. A lot of the credit must go to Chris Philp for pursuing the Secretary of State on this.

Background Information

The RRA along with six other local RAs (Hartley, Cousldon West, East Coulsdon, Sanderstead, Kenley and Old Coulsdon) have submitted objections on this particular application to Croydon Council. The seven RAs are not against a development on these two sites, including much needed residential accommodation but we believe this particular scheme as presented, will not be beneficial to the Purley District Centre and the surrounding area. The ratio of affordable housing at 18% (39 of 220 flats) is also low.

Update 16/12/16

Croydon Council’s Planning Committee on 15/12/16, approved the planning application for a 17 storey tower, 220 flats, a church & 500 seat auditorium for Purley town centre! The voting was; Labour 6 votes for, Conservatives 4 votes against.

The Committee have ignored thousands of local residents (circa 5,000) who objected, plus our MP (Chris Philp), Ward Councillor (Donald Speakman), GLA member (Steve O’Connell) and 8 local RAs (Croham Valley included).

Diane Hearne of HADRA, for the seven local south RAs, spoke against the application, as did Chris Philp MP, Cllr Donald Speakman (Purley Cllr) and Steve O’Connell GLA member.

Now we must look forward to 4 - 5 years of traffic chaos for all motorists and bus users through Purley town centre, when construction begins!

Approved (prior approvals only) Sanderstead Recreation Ground, Limpsfield Road, 16/01825/GPDO - 08 Apr 2016 - Use of the pavilion as a children's nursery.

REFUSED Former Good Companions Public House and 247 - 249 Tithepitshaw Lane, Warlingham - 16/01097/P - 03 Mar 2016 - Demolition of 247 and 249 Tithe Pitshaw Lane; erection of two storey building comprising a Class A1 supermarket together with 4 no two bed room apartments at first floor; formation of vehicular accesses and provision of associated parking, servicing and landscaping.

Update 2/6/16

Lidl's controversial planning application for a store, car park and flats on the former Good Companions Public House site in Tithepitshaw Lane, Warlingham has been refused by Planning Officers without the need to go the Planning Committee.

The full grounds for refusal were:

Reason(s) for refusal :-

1. The development would be out of keeping with the character of the surrounding area and detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene by reason of poor design, prominent siting and scale of the buildings and would not respect the existing pattern of buildings, nor maximise the opportunities for creating an attractive and interesting environment and would thereby conflict with the objectives of the NPPF, Policies 7.1, 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 of the London Plan (2015), Policies UD2, UD3, UD12, UD13, UD14 and H2 of the Croydon Plan (2006) Saved Policies 2013 and Policies SP1.1, SP4.1 and SP4.2 of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies (2013).

2. The development would adversely affect pedestrian and highway safety on the adjoining transport network by reason of the siting of the access and egress points and the associated traffic and would thereby conflict with the objectives of the NPPF, Policy 6.3 of the London Plan, Saved Policies T2, UD12 and UD13 of the Croydon Replacement Plan (2006) Saved Policies 2013 and Policies SP8.6, SP8.17 and SP8.18 of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies (2013).

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