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To confirm the status of a “submitted” application, click on application number below. This will take you to Croydon Council’s website. Any written representations on a planning application, either in favour, commenting or objecting, can be made on line, by clicking on the “comments” tab on the Council’s website. Or you can write to; Development Management, Place Department, London Borough of Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA within 21 days of the application being advertised on site. However the Council will still accept written comments up to the date that a decision is made, which is usually around 8 weeks after being registered.

Applications if and when granted, are only valid for 3 years from the date of the decision on the Council’s website.

Applications when decided by the Council, will be deleted off this page after about 2 months and the details will be shown on the Streets page of our website.

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Week Commencing 18/9/17

SUBMITTED 52 Ingleboro Drive -17/04752/HSE - 20 Sep 2017 - Erection of single storey side/rear extension and conversion of garage to habitable room.

REFUSED 110 Riddlesdown Road - 17/03749/CONR - 25 Jul 2017 - Continued use as cattery (without compliance with condition 1 - personal planning permission- attached to planning permission 93/01982/P).

GRANTED 106 Riddlesdown Road - 17/02657/HSE - 12 Jul 2017 - Formation of vehicular access.

GRANTED 35 Lower Barn Road Purley - 17/03965/HSE - 15 Aug 2017 - Erection of single/two storey side/rear extensions with rooflights at rear.

Prior Approval No Jurisdiction (GPDO) 35 Lower Barn Road - 17/03946/GPDO - 03 Aug 2017 - Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 5 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres.

GRANTED 11 Dalegarth Gardens - 17/03921/HSE - 07 Aug 2017 - Erection of single storey side extension.

APPEAL DISMISSED 15/9/17 APPEAL LODGED 6/6/17 REFUSED 42 Riddlesdown Avenue - 17/01154/HSE - 20 Apr 2017 - Formation of terraced area at rear with external staircase and balustrading.

Week Commencing 11/9/17

SUBMITTED 48 Mitchley Hill - 17/04259/FUL - 12 Sep 2017 - Demolition of existing and erection of a building comprising of 9 x 2 bedroom apartments with parking, secure cycle storage and bin storage and modification of an existing access.

Week Commencing 4/9/17

SUBMITTED 116 Westfield Avenue - 17/04539/HSE - 08 Sep 2017 - Alterations; Erection of a two storey front/rear extensions and roof extensions. Construction of basement and alterations to the land level at the front and rear of the site and associated landscaping.  

GRANTED 98 Downs Court Road - 17/03664/HSE - 20 Jul 2017 - Increase in height of roof, erection of gable end roof extensions and dormer extensions in front and rear roof slopes.

REFUSED 21 Westfield Avenue - 17/03774/HSE - 03 Aug 2017 -   Erection of single storey rear extension with basement area below: construction of new mansard roof extension.

Week Commencing 28/8/17

SUBMITTED 69A Riddlesdown Road - 17/04399/CONR - 31 Aug 2017 Alterations and use of garage as habitable room, erection of single storey front extension : increase in ridge height of roof, roof lights to front and dormer extension to rear. (without compliance with conditions 1 - built in accordance with approved plans- and condition 2 - details of external materials - attached to planning permission 17/00878/P).

Week Commencing 21/8/17

SUBMITTED 98 Hyde Road - 17/03542/FUL - 21 Aug 2017 - Demolition of existing building: erection of a two storey building with basement and accommodation (4 storeys) in roof space comprising of 2 x one bedroom and 6 x two bedroom flats: formation of associated access, and provision of 8 parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store.

SUBMITTED 4 Rectory Park – 17/03616/FUL - 21 Aug 2017 - Demolition of existing building : erection of a two storey building with accommodation in roof space comprising 2 one bedroom and 5 two bedroom flats : provision of , associated access, 7 parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store.

SUBMITTED 23 Rectory Park - 17/03226/FUL - 25 Aug 2017 - Alterations to include extension of existing garage and use as habitable room.

Lawful Dev. Cert. Granted (proposed) 139 Brancaster Lane - 17/04195/LP - 16 Aug 2017 - Alterations and use of garage as habitable room.

REFUSED 11 Hill Close - 17/03451/HSE - 17 Jul 2017 - Demolition of conservatory and construction of two storey rear extension with extension of existing patio. Construction of front gable projection to form new entrance and side first floor roof extension.

GRANTED 57 Hyde Road - 17/00323/HSE - 29 Jun 2017 - Erection of a single/two storey side/rear extension.

Week Commencing 14/8/17

GRANTED 122 Riddlesdown Road - 17/02724/FUL - 01 Jun 2017 - 3rd AMENDED DESCRIPTION: Demolition of one existing building: erection of a two storey building including basement and with additional accommodation in roofspace comprising of 2 x one bedroom flats, 4 x three bedroom flats and 2 x two bedroom flats: formation of associated access, and provision of 8 parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store.

This application was approved by the Planning Committee on 17 August and was approved with a split; 6 Labour voting for the application and 4 Conservatives against. It has been approved despite 158 objections (including two RAs, an MP and a Councillor) and only 1 supporting. This is a very large number of objections for one application.

The RRA did not speak at the meeting this time but as agreed, we left it to a local resident who would be directly affected by the development. However we did circulate our detailed objection letter to all the Planning Committee members before the meeting. It was raised by this objector (who produced evidence) that there are restrictive covenants on the houses in Riddlesdown Rd and that the land cannot be used for flats. However, the Chair of the Committee after seeking legal advice at the meeting, said that restrictive covenants are not part of the planning process and the application continued to be heard in full.

As many residents maybe aware from their deeds, the Atwood family (who owned much of the land locally) imposed many restrictive covenants on land in Riddlesdown and parts of Sanderstead. This is the reason there are no Public Houses in Riddlesdown and Sanderstead! It now means that a civil action will have to be taken if this route is followed. This could also be an interesting legal situation for the two other recent approvals for flats at 98 Hyde Rd and 4 Rectory Park!

This is the link to the web casting of the meeting. The application starts at 1 hour 12 minutes.

The Officer's report can be found on this link near the bottom of the page. Click on "Riddlesdown Road" This is the RRA’s objection letter.

SUBMITTED 27 Purley Bury Close - 17/03846/HSE - 10 Aug 2017 - Erection of single storey rear extension.

GRANTED 11 Grisedale Gardens - 17/03360/HSE - 10 Jul 2017 - Erection of single storey rear extension and raising roof to existing side extension.

Week Commencing 7/8/17

SUBMITTED 26 Riddlesdown Avenue 17/04027/HSE - 09 Aug 2017 - Erection of dormer window in rear roof slope and rooflights at front and side.

GRANTED 34 Lower Barn Road - 17/03243/HSE - 06 Jul 2017 - Alterations and use of garage as habitable room and erection of single storey rear and first floor side extensions: erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope.

Week Commencing 19/6/17

GRANTED 4 Rectory Park - 17/00687/FUL - 27 Mar 2017 - Demolition of existing building and erection of a two-storey building comprising 6 x 2 bedroom flats, with accommodation of roof level,. provision of associated vehicular access and provision of associated parking spaces, cycle storage and refuse store.

The above application went to the main Planning Committee on 22 June. Despite many residents, the RRA and Councillor Tim Pollard objecting it was approved by the Committee. Voting; Labour 6 in favour - Tories 4 against. This is the link to the Council's webcast. It runs from 8 min 50secs to 40min 30secs.

GRANTED 32 Riddlesdown Avenue Purley - 16/04621/FUL - Wed 07 Sep 2016 - Demolition of existing garage to the rear; erection of 3 bedroom detached house with part pitched/part flat roof (fronting Riddlesdown Road).

GRANTED 32 Riddlesdown Avenue - 16/04623/FUL - 08 Sep 2016 - Demolition of existing garage to the rear; erection of 3 bedroom house (fronting Riddlesdown Road) with curved green Sedum roof.

The above two applications went to the minor Planning Committee on 22 June. Brian Longman, the RRA chairman spoke objecting on behalf of residents and raised the RRA's serious concerns about the narrow adopted access road and mixing more and more pedestrians and vehicles together. From discussions, the Planning Committee at long last appreciated there could be a problem with the narrow access road now that 9 applications have been approved fronting this road. They have agreed to seriously review the width of this road, which is only between 2.1 m to 2.4 metres wide. It only has one surface water gully for about a 300 metre length, and no street lighting. There is no separate footway for pedestrians on this side of the street. If young families utilise these new builds, there is no safety buffer of a footway if young children run out from the properties, into the access way and a car is passing! It seems the Council taxpayers will have to foot the bill of any works, instead of the developers!
After consideration of the officer's report and addendum, Councillor Chris Wright (Con) proposed and Councillor Paul Scott (Lab) seconded the Officer's recommendation for both applications and the Committee voted as follows:

16/04621/FUL - 4 in favour, 1 against.

16/04623/FUL - Unanimously in favour (5)
Part Approved / Part Not Approved Land r/o 6 Rectory Park - 17/01663/DISC - 06 Apr 2017 - Discharge of conditions 3,4,5 and 6 attached to planning permission 14/02907/P for the Demolition of existing outbuilding/garage; erection of single storey one bedroom dwelling, with parking and associated works.

Week Commencing 15/5/17

SUBMITTED 95 Downs Court Road (side of property facing Mitchley Ave)- 17/02455/FUL - 16 May 2017 - Erection of two bedroom detached house at side and provision of associated parking.

Week Commencing 1/5/17

CALLED IN BY SECRETARY OF STATE 12/4/17 - PUBLIC INQUIRY IN JANUARY 2018 GRANTED Purley Baptist Church and Hall, Banstead Road, 1-4 Russell Hill Parade, Russell Hill Road and, 2-12 Brighton Rd, & 1-9 Banstead Rd – 17/00047/SOS & 16/02994/P - 13 Jun 2016 - Demolition of existing buildings on two sites; erection of 3/17 storey building comprising 114 flats community and church space and a retail unit on Island Site and a 3/8 storey building comprising 106 flats on south site. More information on this link

Week Commencing 13/2/17

GRANTED 98 Hyde Road - 16/05057/FUL - 03 Oct 2016 - Demolition of existing dwelling. Erection of a building with lower ground floor and accommodation in roofspace comprising 7 two bedroom apartments. formation of vehicular access and provision of associated parking spaces, bicycle storages and refuse store.

The Council's Planning committee approved this planning application on 9 February to demolish a family home and build 7 x 2 bedroom flats. As seems to be usual lately, the Council ignored all the objections and voted on party lines; 6 Labour for and 4 Tories against! Officer’s Report

Despite there being 36 public objections, plus objections from the RRA and Cllr Lynne Hale, the Committee voted in favour of the scheme. This is also despite the Planning Officer stating in her report the “site is in an area at high risk from surface water flooding” which would put the lower ground floor, of this 4 storey building at risk of flooding. Labour Cllrs ignored this and a number of other relevant objections including more on street parking! On 6 February (only 3 days before the meeting) a number of revised plans and documents were uploaded by the Council to their website. This is following pressure from the RRA for the Council to disclose this information! Cllr Yvette Hopley who spoke at the meeting has posted this blog along with Cllr Tim Pollard who posted this blog both expressing their disgust!

Applications when decided by the Council, will be deleted off this page after about 2 months and the details will be shown on the Streets page of our website.

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