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Held on Wednesday 21 May 2014 at 7.30pm at St Edmunds Church Hall, Mitchley Avenue

Apologies were received from Margaret Rapp.

Councillor Lynne Hale also attended the meeting.

Minutes of the previous AGM:

Minutes were distributed to those attending and were approved and taken as an accurate record of the 2013 AGM.  

Action Points arising from the 2013 AGM

The Chairman Brian Longman reported the following.  Other matters have been acted on or will be discussed as part of the AGM and included in the various reports.

Membership Fees – Concessions have been removed as agreed, although road stewards do have discretion where there is felt to be a need.

New road stewards have been recruited.

Progress has been made in collecting outstanding membership fees.

Controlled parking zone – this is considered to be a matter for the affected residents rather than the committee.

Treasurers Report – Bernard Munn

Accounts with auditors. (Link to Audited accounts)

2012 advertising revenue was from two editions of the recorder.  In 2013 only one edition with advertising was produced but this was a “bumper” edition and raised more advertising income.

2013 Subscription income was up by approximately 40% of which a small part was outstanding 2012 subscriptions.

The RRA received a Funday grant from City of London of £700.  This replaced some services previously provided by the City of London toilets and first Aid.

£40 membership fee is for the SE Transport Organisation.

Insurance costs are down but RRA did get a refund for the 2012 costs so that figure was somewhat inflated.

Printing costs down in 2013 due to only one main edition of recorder, plus one small autumn issue.

Postage and stationery down due to using up stocks.

RRA finished the year with a small deficit of £96.04

Two banks were used in the past.  For simplicity, the HSBC account has been closed and all money is now in a Lloyd’s easy access Treasurers account.

Restricted funds, no change and set aside for any legal defence of the woodland environment or green belt.

Unrestricted for normal RRA business.

Following a comment from a resident about the lack of interest being earned on the funds (which she estimated could be £400 even in a low interest environment), the Chairman reported that the decision to keep the woodland fund accessible and not in a long tern bond, was to allow quick access to the fund should we need to engage professional help in support of the associations defence of the green belt. The auditors also queried the lack of interest.  

ACTION: Committee to review whether some money should now be placed in an interest-bearing account.

The accounts were agreed to be a true record.

Chairman’s report  - Brian Longman

Green Belt

These issues remain important and we continue to need support from local councillors.  Thanks were extended to the attending local councillor Lynne Hale.

The prospective Conservative MP for the area (Chris Philp) spent some time with some members of the committee, including a tour of the area.  It was considered to be a successful meeting with  time spent talking about:

The same service will be offered to other candidates.

Developers continue to push hard to build on land in the area.  The committee has successfully gained tree preservation orders for many remaining trees in the area.

The local farm fields are only leased and the owner would gladly build on them if permission could be gained.  The current farming lease has been extended for another year.

The need for us to “stay nimble” was stressed as money might be needed for a QC at short notice.

Purley Hospital

Now a Minor Injuries Unit rather than an Urgent Care Centre with reduced opening hours due to lack of footfall.  

There is a lack of clarity on services provided and questions continue to be asked of the authorities by the RRA and our MP.  

More information can be found on the RRA website but residents are encouraged to use this service rather than go to Croydon University hospital whenever possible as footfall will continue to be reviewed.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team has been reorganised over the last 2 years and Sanderstead (including some of Riddlesdown) is part of the South Cluster covering an area from Coulsdon to New Addington. 60 or so officers are under the control of a single Inspector with some local to us and others rotating to “hot spots”.  The current hot spot is New Addington Central Parade due to antisocial behaviour issues in this area.   Current priorities are:

Safer Neighbourhood meetings are open to the public and dates and venues will be published on the RRA website.

Statistics will be reviewed to ensure that the new arrangements have no ill effect on our area. Action: Residents to inform RRA of policing matters so we can take these up at meetings with police.


This has been cancelled this year due to a range of organisational issues including insurance, health and safety and general operating costs.

It is felt to be important for the community and the 1,000 plus people who attend, to reinstate the event next year with a subcommittee being set up to facilitate this, including seeking sponsorship from local businesses.

Help from the local community is needed and volunteers were appealed for.  RRA has a high penetration in the community with around 90% of residents being members, but more people are needed on the committee and to help on the Funday.

Riddlesdown Recorder

The new edition was presented at the meeting.

Two volunteers have stepped up to edit the Recorder, Neil Tarrant and Daniel Munn.

Road stewards

Although new stewards have been recruited, it was noted that some roads had a higher proportion of rented property and it was harder to recruit road stewards and members in these roads.


Following a question from a resident it was confirmed that the membership secretary, John Rapp, does maintain a list of members.

Planning Report – Phil Thomas

It was reported that Phil had dealt with some 90 issues ranging from grass verges and pot holes, to phone masts.  Brian extended thanks to Phil for his hard work on this and also for running the RRA website.  It was also noted that the imminent local elections may impact on services provided by the council.

Damaged verges and blocked gullies

Phil reported that he had been pressurizing local councillors to deal with these matters.

Planning Application – Dunmail Drive

An appeal for a development of four houses on the green belt has been turned down.  It was noted that in his report the Planning Inspector noted that a number of extensions to the collegiate site have been on green belt land and “represent inappropriate development contrary to established policy”.  The committee will monitor future development at the collegiate closely in the light of these comments.

Lower Barn Road

Success reported in dealing with flooding in this area.

Parking bays by the shops have been safeguarded and restrictions on parking imposed on Saturdays.

There are potential changes afoot for the Post Office and the RRA is committed to supporting the owner.

Purley Hospital

Following a question from a resident about the use of Purley Hospital the following matters were discussed.

Lack of clarity about what to use this facility for.  It was reported that it can only be used for minor injuries – further information is available on the RRA website and in the Recorder.  A leaflet was also available at the meeting.

It is now GP led and not run by CUH (formerly Mayday).

Opening hours – are now 2-8pm, 7 days a week.

Parking is limited.

Numbers currently using the facility are low – possibly because people did not realise it was open and consequently cost per patient is very high – hence the change of use.

Awareness needs to be raised in local area, and others such as Caterham, Cousldon and South and Central Croydon.

Local MP has been contacted about the issue.  The RRA considers the change to a Minor Injuries Unit to be a bad decision and are lobbying for it to return to being an Urgent Care Centre.

Moorfields Eye hospital now has a unit there – which is considered good news.


Following a resident’s question, Phil Thomas reported that streetlamps are being replaced across the borough under a long term project.  All street lamps will be renewed and the design has already been approved by the Council. Riddlesdown is in both Years 4 & 5 of the project. Action: Phil to put streetlamps issue on the website and in the next edition of the Recorder and concerned residents should take the matter up direct with local councillors.

Pedestrians using farm fields

A resident noted that once again the farm fields are being used as a short cut from the school, damaging crops.   Action: Brian to discuss use of fields by pedestrians with school with the aim of getting people to use footpaths instead.  

AGM Committee Elections

Those present were asked if anyone wished to stand for any posts.  

Bernard Munn’s reappointment as Treasurer was proposed, seconded and approved by the meeting.

Brian Longman’s reappointment as Chairman was proposed, seconded and approved by the meeting.

All other committee members were also nominated, seconded and approved en-bloc by the meeting.  

All committee members were thanked for their hard work and those present were introduced to the meeting and their roles outlined.

Keith and Jan Powell both volunteered for the committee during the meeting.  

Action Points

Committee to review whether some money should now be placed in an interest bearing account.

Residents to inform the RRA Chair of any local crime concerns so they can be raised at meetings with police.

Phil to put streetlamps issue on the website and in the next edition of the Recorder and concerned residents should take the matter up with local councillors.

Brian to discuss with the school the use of the farmer’s fields by school children with the aim of getting all people to use the footpaths provided.  

Minutes taken by Linda Bevin, Secretary

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